Call For Abstracts

We invite you to present your research in a form of poster or oral presentation. To participate, you must register by clicking on abstracts poster or oral presentation. In addition, there is a summary guide, which explains the necessary steps to carry out a successful registration.

The speakers who submitted the form for the registration of posters or oral presentations will receive an email with their username and password. With this information they will be able to access form 2: registration and payment.

In addition, it is required that all of the registered abstracts be in English.

Once you access the system, you have only 60 minutes to complete the requested information. When that time is over, the system will save the information that you have so far and will log you out of the website. To continue, you must access the system again.

If you have any question or problem with the registration process, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click here to download the summary guide

Deadline to register your oral presentation: February 28 – EXPIRED

Deadline to register your poster: April 18


In the following video you will find the necessary steps to complete form 01: registration of scientific papers