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Costa Rica: Sixth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop

During the event, the agricultural engineer of the National Direction of Agrochemicals, Veterinary Products and Food of Senasa, Daniel Mazzarella, presented a lecture about how the use of plant-protection products on crops may lead to residue occurrence. He emphasized on the establishment of Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) in Argentina.

Fore more information, visit Senasa.

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Jochen Heidler

"I also want to thank you once more for inviting me. I really enjoyed the conference and exploring your beautiful country after the conference."

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Keith Solomon

"Thanks for the email and all the wonderful hospitality while in Costa Rica. The short course seemed to go well and the Conference was very well organized. I enjoyed both and you and your people did a very good job."


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Kaushik Banerjee

"LAPRW 2017 was a wonderful example of a brilliant team work! It provided an excellent opportunity for practice and constructive dialogue among researchers, educationists, scientists, and industry representatives who are the acclaimed experts in food industry. The keynote speakers and major panels were noted as highly topical. This conference also offered new ideas and inspiration. The sessions were very thought-provoking and discussed the works of the delegates from different corners of the world. This space gave us a feeling how big the field of pesticide residue science is and how various colleagues are contributing meaningfully either in developing effective analytical methods or designing the strategies for comprehensive risk assessment. I congratulate the organizers, and feel honoured in participating in this workshop."

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Latin-American Debate on Pesticides Was Held in Costa Rica

During the Sixth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop: Food and Environment, held in San José – Costa Rica, the specialist from the Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues, Yong Zhen Yang, presented the general view of the Pesticide Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) establishment of CODEX for pesticides in food.

On the other hand, Susanne Ekroth, from the Swedish National Food Agency, gave a lecture about the SweEt Method, an efficient alternative for analyzing pesticide residues in food.

For more information, visit Revista ProAgro.

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Gabriela Rovedatti

"Quisiera agradecer la invitación a participar en el Congreso y felicitarlos por la impecable organización y calidad de las presentaciones en el salón central, así como en las charlas satélite. Realmente disfruté mucho mi estadía en su hermoso país".

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Horacio Beldoménico

"El agradecido soy yo por haber sido invitado y haber disfrutado vuestras cálidas atenciones. Les envío mis felicitaciones por el gran suceso del evento que con tanta dedicación y compromiso han concretado. Los aportes técnicos y el nivel científico de las actividades del congreso han sido sobresalientes. La comodidad de las instalaciones y la elevada calidad de las múltiples atenciones brindadas a la audiencia (servicios de catering, materiales, stands, etc.) han sido muy destacadas. Todo ello ha contribuido magistralmente a la consolidación de este evento de excelencia como uno de los más importantes en Latinoamérica y destacado en el mundo en la difícil especialidad de las Ciencias de los Plaguicidas y sus relacionadas. Felicitaciones nuevamente estamos orgullosos y muy agradados por vuestro éxito. Un abrazo".

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Bjoern Hardebusch

"Thank you for a perfectly organized and nice workshop"
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Daniel Mazzarella

"Aprovecho para felicitarlos por la excelente organización...fue de primer nivel".

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Zisis Vryzas

"Thanks once again for giving me the opportunity to be in your excellent organized workshop. CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!"
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Michelangelo Anastassiades

"It has been a pleasure participating at this workshop, which I enjoyed very much. Let me congratulate you again for the excellent and detail-oriented organization and for the friendliness."

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Yong Zhen Yang

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for organized such a successful conference, it was really wonderful!"
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Daniela Brocca

"I take the opportunity of this correspondence to thank you very much for having invited EFSA to the Workshop and for the warm welcome received. For me it was a new experience and in Costa Rica I have met new excellent people, which I hope to come across again in future occasions. Finally, I would like to acknowledge the perfect organisation of the event, from all perspectives. Very well done to all colleagues involved!"

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Gonzalo Tortella

"Estimado Comité, junto con saludarles muy cordialmente, hago nuevamente explicita mi gratitud por la invitación realizada y mis felicitaciones para ustedes por tan bellísimo y bien organizado congreso."
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Angela Klemens

"Thank you so much for an outstanding meeting. I was very satisfied!!"

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Jane Stewart

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate, practice my Spanish and visit the beautiful country of Costa Rica!"
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Bulletin SFE Cosecha about the Sixth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop: Food and Environment – LAPRW 2017

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ACHIPIA participated in the Sixth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop in San José, Costa Rica

During the LAPRW 2017, the agricultural engineer from the Area of Support to Risk Analysis, Mr. Eduardo Aylwin, presented a lecture in the session Opportunities and Challenges of the Harmonization of Pesticide Residues Maximum Limits, by means of Import Tolerances and the Review of International Estimate of Short-Term Intake Equations (IESTI).

Mr. Aylwin shared the panel with distinguished international experts such as Dr. Yong Zhen Yang from FAO/JMPR, Dr. Michael Kaethner from Bayer Crop Science and Dr. Jane Stewart from BASF USA.

For more information, visit ACHIPIA.

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SweEt Method: an efficient alternative for analizing pesticide residues in food

The SweEt Method is an efficient alternative for analizing pesticide residues in food. This topic was presented in the LAPRW 2017 by Susanne Ekroth from the National Food Agency in Sweden.

The SweEt Method, developed by the Swedish National Food Agency, consists of an extraction procedure with only one step of ethyl acetate, after which the sample can be directly injected in the instrument for its analysis.

For more information, visit El Mundo CR.

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Pesticide specialists advocate for more protection for local consumers

The harmonization and implementation of standards of pesticide maximum residue limits in food and environment are among the main challenges that countries face in order to protect costumer's health and to encourage fair practices in the international trade.

For Latin America, the standards are critical since the economies of the countries of the region depend on food exportation to the United States and Europe, where products are not accepted because they do not comply with the required levels.

For more information, visit Noticias UCR.

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Costa Rica: headquarters of the global debate on pesticides

This global debate will take place in Costa Rica with the purpose of analyzing the effects of pesticides on food and the environment.

La República and El País, national written press, have published a press release about the Sixth Latin-American Pesticide Residue Workshop: Food and Environment – LAPRW 2017, which will be held in the country

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LAPRW 2017 Video

Some words from M.Sc. Greivin Pérez Rojas, member of the Organizing Committee of LAPRW 2017, who talks about pesticides and the importance of Good Agricultural Practices.

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Deadline for registration Pre and Post Workshop courses

The deadline for registration to the pre-workshop and post-workshop courses will be: May 5.

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Announcement during Easter Week

Our telephone numbers will not be functioning during Easter Week (04/09/2017 - 04/16/2017): (506) 2511-8211 | (506) 2511-8212.

If you need to contact us, you may do it by means of the following telephone numbers:

- (506) 7200-2374 Mr. Greivin Pérez

- (506) 8939-9092 Mr. Mario Masís

- (506) 8377-6824 Mrs. Elizabeth Carazo


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Decreto 39601-MAG

The Sixth Latin American Pesticide Residue Workshop: Food and Environment is designated to be of national interest.

Click in "Decreto 39601-MAG"  to download the pdf document

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Support from a member of the National Committee to the LAPRW 2017

Sigurd Vargas, legal adviser of the Cámara Nacional de Productos Genéricos (CANAPROGE) presented the official poster of the LAPRW 2017 to the Ministro de Agricultura y Ganadería, Dr. Luis Felipe Arauz Cavallini, to show support on behalf of the National Committee of the Workshop.

Photograph, from left to right: Sigurd Vargas, Luis Felipe Arauz, Marco Vinicio Jiménez y Rodrigo Mora.

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The LAPRW 2017 is declared of institutional interest

The Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) designates the Sixth Latin American Workshop of Pesticide Residue: Food and Environment to be of institutional interest.

Click in "Declaratoria UCR" to download the pdf document.

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The country will host the Sixth Latin American Workshop on Pesticide Residue

Photograph: Iván Sánchez.

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The last details of the Sixth Latin American Workshop on Pesticide Residue: Food and Environment are being arranged

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will be held in Costa Rica from May 14th to May 17th
It will take place at the premises of International Convention Center of Hotel Wyndham San Jose-Herradura. This event aims to continue the successful series of Latin American workshop on pesticide residues that began in 2007 in the City of Santa Maria, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Subsequently there have been four versions in: Santa Fe, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; Bogotá, Colombia; and Santiago, Chile